Demo EP 2014


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Lane Bryant – bass, vocals
Dedrian Webb – guitar, vocals
Codi Quesenberry – drums, vocals

LAMPERJAW's first studio endeavor and first multi-track public release, this is a true demonstration of the band's progression since their formation. Tracks 1 through 3 represent years 1 through 3 respectively, each exhibiting in various ways the breadth of influences upon the band's heavy sound. This is merely a glimpse, a foreshadowing, of what LAMPERJAW has in store for the masses.

"OH HELL YEAH... blend of Southern Metal tinged with slabs of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal should get your heart-beat pumping as it's packed full of great riffs... groovy as hell licks and awesome vocals to match... passion and raw anger coming at you from every direction. Some intense guitar solos... “Menace of a Cruel Earth” is a song DOWN would be proud to call their own... they have the potential to go a long way indeed. Southern Metal with a dark, dangerous and addictive edge. Awesome stuff."
—Steve Howe, The Sludgelord

"…drunken-stomping the line between sludge and Southern heavy… their real potential comes out on the seven-minute “Menace of a Cruel Earth,” which moves from low-in-the-mouth whoa-yeah-style grit across a successful linear build to a harmonized, well-arranged apex."
—H. P. Taskmaster, The Obelisk

"…it’s Southern sludge metal at just about its best… it definitely deserves to be heard…"
—Billy Goate, Doomed & Stoned


released July 26, 2014

Lyrics and music by LAMPERJAW. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brandon Hamby at Dead Peasant Studio, Ferguson, NC. Artwork by David Lackey.




LAMPERJAW Lambsburg, Virginia

Prepare to be confounded by the audacious, audial onslaught of this low-down, dirty band of bow-legged, box-ankled, lantern- jawed, crooked-nosed, wall-eyed, gun-totin', goozle-chopping, cat-hamed pukes. Open your ears and hold your noses. Open wide your gullets and exuberantly imbibe the pile-driving dose of Southern remedy you never knew you needed. ... more

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Track Name: Throw Me a Stone
Lappin' on a salt lick, sittin' on a landmine
That's how I spent most my years
Black cloud sittin' on my shoulder
Tryin' to squeeze out another tear

There's an idea, sounds like a plan
(All we need is a broken window)
Throw me a stone
(All we need is a broken window)
Bring it all down
(It all starts with a broken window)
Throw me a stone
(All we need is a broken window)

Open up the rabbit gum, fire up the griddle
Gonna jump on the gravy train
Write a check and I'll make you an offer
Time to open up another bank

Come in through the backdoor
Put Xs 'cross your eyes
Twinkle little star
Diamond in the sky
Track Name: Blood Dreams (ᎩᎦ ᎠᏍᎩᏥᏍᏗ)
These are the seasons
That drive men to madness
I heard the raven call

Seeking provisions
For harlots and beggars
Their demons enslave them all

Dancing on fire, I go ablaze
Singing a banshee’s wail…
…the hunt goes on!
…the night rolls on!

Am I dreaming… of screaming
Or is the pain in their eyes
Only erased by the night

Am I dreaming… of screaming
Awakened a blood-lusted rage
Outside reality’s cage

To follow the eagle
Through darkness of cloud
And ascend the mountain side

I fashioned a portal
Of cinder and shroud
Left from a demon’s hide

Up to the sky, nigh on the moon
Riding the phoenix tail
…the hunt goes on!
…the night rolls on!
Track Name: Menace of a Cruel Earth
Oh, cruel light of day
I can't hide in my own shadow
No darkness evades
When the matrix ruptures

Black mountain
Emerge from the sea
Billowing smoke
Red fog glowing

Oh, cruel nakedness
I can't hide in my own shame
No skin can contain
The stigma of decay

Earth… bleeds
Can't stop the overflow
Earth… feeds
With teeth of brimstone