The $ign of the $qualor


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Lane Bryant – bass, vocals
Dedrian Webb – guitar, vocals
Codi Quesenberry – drums, vocals

LAMPERJAW returns with a follow up to their "Demo EP 2014" studio debut. This track takes its thematic inspiration from the Old Testament book of Job, Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," and the dissenting voices who spoke out against World War II.


I fight against the fate to which we've been consigned
Against the way things are
Against the way things will be
Suppress the thoughts on how things came to be this way
The past has no heroes
The now is all zero

But this is not the end
How many days does it take to be full?
But now my eye sees You
And I despise myself as a fool

I fight against that which deludes and causes rain
Flower gives way to fruit
Fruit rots into earth
Blanked out is the blank-out and abstract nothing reigns
The dissonance rings through
The gulch that still eludes

The search for the engine
The world’s locomotive
The sign of the dollar
The self is the motive


released August 21, 2015
Lyrics by Lane Bryant. Music by LAMPERJAW. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brandon Hamby at Dead Peasant Studio, Elkin, NC.

Cover art concept and arrangement by Lane Bryant. Text logo art by David Lackey. Background art: "Job in his sickness being scourged by the devil; Job's wife standing by" (woodcut) by Albrecht Dürer.




LAMPERJAW Lambsburg, Virginia

Prepare to be confounded by the audacious, audial onslaught of this low-down, dirty band of bow-legged, box-ankled, lantern- jawed, crooked-nosed, wall-eyed, gun-totin', goozle-chopping, cat-hamed pukes. Open your ears and hold your noses. Open wide your gullets and exuberantly imbibe the pile-driving dose of Southern remedy you never knew you needed. ... more

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